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Continuous Improvement Requires Effective Training for Your Employees.

Our customized SkillBuilder platform identifies and addresses core skills and location-specific requirements, and provides you with an easy-to-understand framework for creating individual development plans.

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Real World Case Study

When a seven-location petrochemical organization wanted to build a customized competency assurance program that wasn’t linked to proprietary training solutions, they turned to SkillBuilder. By working with local job experts, we were able to create a core program for the majority of their workforce and then add site by site modifications to account for important differences across the organization. SkillBuilder has the advantage of a proven technology framework without having the disadvantage of off the shelf solutions that never quite fit.

Benefits of the SDS SkillBuilder Competency Assurance Platform

  • Customized training typically saves companies significant money
  • Customized training is preferred by employees
  • Custom training allows for upskilling which is preferable to “minimum standards” training
  • The SkillBuilder system is used as a testing platform, a data storage platform, and a reporting platform
  • Browser-based platform with no software loading
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Continuous improvement requires effective training for your employees.

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