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We are a lean, proven, pace-setting talent analytics firm. Our passion is helping our clients and partners make the best decisions possible about hiring and developing employees. We know the best decisions are made with the best up front data about each job, first of all, and then, about the candidates. We help you define, discover, and differentiate that data, so that you have much better odds of achieving a great fit.

We provide top outcome standards to all of our clients–of every size and sector–next door and worldwide. We help you navigate the unknown waters of people analytics smoothly, skillfully and successfully.

Why do we do this? It’s not easy helping people choose a new way to do something so important to them…but we strongly believe in helping people and organizations make better decisions.

Our Story

In January 2001 our founder, Spencer Stang, Ph.D., an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, started a company called SportLab to help professional sports teams select better players. Our research clearly demonstrated that advanced analytics could be used to predict – with incredible accuracy – how well a newly-drafted football player would perform.

Further research indicated that the technology we built for the NFL also worked exceptionally well for helping companies hire and develop better employees. So we converted the technology to specifically address employee hiring and development challenges . . . and Stang Decision Systems was born.

Today, we are a world leader in customized hiring and employee development processes. We help your human resources professionals by providing them with new tools and processes which help them do their job more efficiently and accurately. We help you “highlight the human” in your human resources by selecting for targeted skills, aptitude, and cultural fit.

SDS sets the “new standard” for organizations who want to avoid costly hiring mistakes and maximize their productivity, culture, and competitive advantage.

Our Team

Spencer Stang, PhD
Spencer Stang, PhDFounder & Owner
Spencer specializes in designing and implementing customized employee selection systems, with an emphasis on optimized algorithms to improve the decision making process. Throughout his 20-year career, Spencer has worked with many of the world’s largest business and sports organizations to help them identify, develop, and deploy the talent they need to gain a competitive advantage.
Scott Birkeland, PhD
Scott Birkeland, PhDVice President
Scott specializes in developing and implementing assessment programs to help organizations select and develop their workforce. With over 15 years of experience as an I/O Psychologist, Scott partners with clients to identify talent-related problems and design solutions to enhance the skill level in their organizations.
Kenneth Wexley, PhD
Kenneth Wexley, PhDAssociate
An associate to SDS, Ken is a leader in the field of Industrial Organizational Psychology and is internationally known for his expertise. Ken has published more than 150 professional articles and co-authored nine books, and was instrumental in developing SDS’s PetroSelect, the world’s best process for hiring and developing petrochemical employees.
Wendy Beach
Wendy BeachVP of Talent Science Solutions
Wendy helps clients of all sizes and industries align their human resource and business strategies, making the best use of our full-spectrum talent solutions. Her work includes developing and leading a national line of business within a Fortune 150 corporation, increasing efficiencies in talent hiring and development.
Jen Bareham
Jen BarehamProject Manager
Jen has been involved in numerous challenging projects since she started at SDS in 2014. Jen has a Master’s in HR, and has helped manage the design and release of the SDS TestPrep program. She is working with several key clients to ensure the proper placement of new hires.
Cheryl Gilin
Cheryl GilinProject Manager
Cheryl has been ensuring clients and candidates receive the fullest extent of our talent selection capabilities since 2014. Cheryl has thrived within our company, becoming a great example of finding transferable skills and aptitudes to be the perfect fit in an organization.
Jody Johnson
Jody JohnsonHuman Resource Advisor
Jody brings 19 years’ experience in banking covering a vast landscape–delivering exceptional service to wealth management clients, supporting human resources by way of employee relations, system development, FMLA, workers compensation, interview strategies, benefits, and policy administration.
Brooke Whaley
Brooke WhaleyDirector of Operations
Brooke works to improve and implement the company’s customized employee selection and development processes for a varied client base, ranging from local hiring managers to corporate HR professionals and training managers. Brooke also coordinates development and quality assurance for SDS’s HireScore online platform. Brooke has a B.S. in Psychological Science and has worked at SDS since 2006.
Shannon Whitehouse
Shannon WhitehouseProject Manager
Shannon works hands-on with her clients to ensure the right employee is hired every time. While her main focus is in the Upper Michigan area, she supports clients all over the U.S. and Canada. Shannon has a B.S. in Psychology. Shannon strives to improve the implementation of processes in many areas of our business in order to deliver the best possible customer experience.
Diego Baños Fariñas
Diego Baños FariñasLead Software Developer
Martín Alonso Vilar
Martín Alonso VilarSoftware Developer
Hunter Bronkema
Hunter BronkemaAssistant Project Manager
Hunter’s job is to assists the project managers with the hiring process to guarantee a smooth and stress-free hiring process. Hunter has received his BS in Psychology from Northern Michigan University and is Currently working on his Ph.D in I/O Psychology at Seattle Pacific University.
Rob Loy
Rob LoyOffice Manager
Rob is the friendly face at our front desk. He organizes and coordinates all office functions to guarantee everything runs as smoothly as possible. Rob is studying at Central Michigan University while pursuing a BS in Psychology and Sociology. He assists project managers in all aspects of the hiring process, including scheduling tests and interviews, posting, scoring and generating reports, and notifying applicants of their current status. Rob’s main job is to ensure that clients and candidates have the best hiring experience possible.
Katherine Mitchell
Katherine MitchellProject Manager/Financial Controller
In addition to financial controller at SDS, Katherine has seven years’ experience as Project Manager at SDS. Her clients include both SDS KeyHire and industrial-based companies. Katherine has a B.S. in Psychology and a M.S. in Training, Development, and Performance Improvement. Katherine works diligently to form lasting client relationships with top-notch customer service and satisfaction.
Rebecca Wilkinson
Rebecca WilkinsonProject Manager
Rebecca is a jack of all trades. She has worked for Stang Decision Systems since August of 2005. She has worked with many clients over the years from managing large corporate accounts to filling individual positions for small local companies. Rebecca has a B.S. in Mathematics and Physics and uses her skills to fine tune every detail of the client experience. Rebecca specializes in automating reporting processes with a focus on accuracy and efficiency.